Welcome to PlayOne!!!

We are a premium online cricket gaming platform that everyone can join for free and give all the opportunity play and earn simultaneously. 

It is the perfect place for anyone that has the knowledge about the game of cricket to earn – unlimited!

It is an online platform that coincides with real-time matches and helps you accumulate your scores against the on-field happenings. 

We help you make use of your cricketing skills to make your PlayOne team, edit it within the stipulated time and earn points. At the end of the game, you get to redeem the points and withdraw your cash. 

You will find us at the online portal https://PlayOne.in/. 

PlayOne is India’s First Online Gaming Platform which has multiple Skills based Games. Successfully Owned and Operated by PlayOne.

The game you can play at PlayOne is Games of Skill as opposed to Games of Chance. It is absolutely legal to play as it involves skill to win.

We are proud to be here to serve you better.